Effective golf training with muscle memory

Ivica Senic with the Senic Swing Trainer®

The golf trainer of Ivica Senic
(Interview with Ivica Senic and Axel Kahn, pixx magazine release)

It all started with judo for the native Croatian: As a passionate sportsman, he made it into the judo selection of Baden-Württemberg and, with his unbeatable fitness, he was also named Mr Universe in the "Over40" class in 2006. But today, the 52-year-old prefers to play golf with his muscles - this is where he has found his personal favourite sport.

Because he is also involved in this sport with heart and soul, he has developed the Senic Swing Trainer to improve the training units, which trains muscles used in golf and refines movement sequences.

The Senic Swing Trainer fills a gap in demanding golf training. Ivica Senic is already planning workshops in Karlsruhe, Baden-Baden and the Soufflenheim Golf Club to introduce the Senic Swing Trainer.

Editor-in-chief Axel Kahn spoke with the athlete about the new device.

How did you come up with the idea of developing the Swing Trainer?

During my golf training, I tried to make the movements more smooth and rhythmic, to improve elasticity and dynamics. I had not yet found a device that met my needs. This gave me the idea to develop my own Swing Trainer in order to fully exploit my playing potential.

Senic Swing Trainer®
The Senic Swing Trainer®

How does the Swing Trainer work?

Orientation features provide the ideal  swing, which is gradually automated. These characteristics consist of a sound ball and two colour strips (yellow and red).

The sound ball is located in the shaft and is set in motion by upward and downward movements. This produces a sound that is stored in the muscle memory. One speaks  Effective golf training with muscle memory  The Swing Trainer of  Ivica Senic also speaks of biological feedback. When the Swing trainer swings down, the sound ball stays down, the arms have reached their lowest  point. Then you start slowly with the wrist, thus the ball falls rhythmically downwards and produces this tone. This simulates the impact moment. The white line is in the middle of the body triangle.

While the hands  rotate, the color recognition also rotates (it changes from  red to yellow). When the hands are striving upwards, the sound ball   falls down again and produces another sound. This sequence is stored in the muscle memory and thus optimizes the motion sequence.